The 'InPublishing Guide to Retention Strategies for Publishers' gives publishing companies the information and direction they need to create a profitable and sustainable recurring revenue business, based on highly professional and well executed retention strategies.

This new guide provides expert strategic insight along with best practice advice on all aspects of retention marketing.

Author Julian Thorne of The Big Wheel Consultancy says: “The secret to growing profitable recurring revenues is not forever optimising subscriber acquisition strategies, although this is important, but continuously delivering value to subscribers so they insist on staying with you once you have acquired them. In the recurring revenue business model, customer retention really is king. Sometimes, publishers view retention strategy as little more than a series of renewal emails or letters. This is a very big mistake.”

The guide is an extremely well-written, cogently reasoned and thoroughly engaging publication that comprehensively covers retention strategies, looking in-depth at the following key areas

  • Why is retention so important to publishers

  • What is meant by ‘subscriber retention rate’

  • What retention reporting should measure and why

  • How to design a high retaining subscription product

  • Acquiring subscribers that stay with you

  • Onboarding subscribers so they love you

  • What to do after the honeymoon period is over

  • The tricky issue of retention pricing

  • How to ask for money (again and again and again)

  • and more…

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NEW The InPublishing Guide to Retention Strategies for Publishers. June 2019

NEW The InPublishing Guide to Retention Strategies for Publishers. June 2019

The contents page of the InPublishing Guide to Retention Strategies for Publishers. Click to expand.