The top 4 data areas we work with our clients on

We get asked about all elements of the recurring revenue model. These are currently the top 4 areas our clients value our advice on:


1. Current performance

Our clients ask us to assess their use of data to understand whether their current performance is good or bad. We use best practice comparisons and external benchmarks to provide objective answers.

2. Measure and monitor

Our clients ask us to help them identify the metrics that matter to the overall health of their recurring revenue business. We then measure those metrics to help drive up performance.

3. Explain and predict

We work with our clients to uncover the data that explains current performance and is predictive of future performance. Armed with this insight our clients know what to change to increase their future recurring revenues.

4. Forecast

We use client data to plan and forecast how a customer base will perform across a variety of possible future scenarios. 

How we do it

Our 4 step process...

We work closely with our clients’ data teams to agree the most effective approach to deliver value.

1. Data discovery

To create understanding of client performance we use visualisations and analysis to get to the heart of performance. We work with you to establish what data does or doesn’t exist and how what you already know can build further insight.

2. Business intelligence

We use dashboard solutions to highlight and track the key measures that will influence future decision making.

3. Data mining and modelling

Using proven techniques and the best software solutions we create statistical models which have real practical application to your business objectives.

4. Forecast and scenario planning

Past behaviour helps describe likely future customer outcomes but this is not always the case or past data is not always available. Our experience and expertise means we can create meaningful forecast business models even if the available data is poor.