The top 4 areas we get asked to advise on

We get asked about all elements of the recurring revenue model. These are currently the top 4 areas our clients value our advice on:


1. Increase value

A business that has a solid customer base and now wants to grow the average revenue per customer and/or the average life time value of their customers. Our clients use us to model the opportunity and to develop the strategic plan.

2. New product launch

A business with limited experience of the recurring revenue model that is looking to launch a new subscription or membership product. Our clients ask us to advise them on developing the business plan and budget, putting together the team and technologies and creating the implementation framework.

3. Accelerate growth

A business which owns or has recently acquired a small but increasingly successful recurring revenue business. Our clients want to accelerate the growth fast and want to know how to do this with minimum risk.

4. Under performance

An established subscription or membership business that has started to underperform. Our clients ask us to identify why the business is underperforming and what they should do about it.

How we do it

Our 3 step process

We work closely with senior executives at Director level and above directly responsible for recurring revenues performance. We only work with clients we know we can add value to. We follow a simple 3 step process...

1. Objective setting

We agree with you exactly what you want to achieve from working with us. If we can’t do it we won’t.

2. Benchmarking

We audit the current position of your business and benchmark where you are in relation to your objectives. The good and the bad.

3. Recommendations

We provide you with specific, measurable and pragmatic recommendations to enable you to meet your objectives. Our recommendations are proven to work.

The things we know about

The 10 things we know most about subscription and membership marketing

1. Direct and digital marketing

2. Retention techniques

3. Customer engagement and ‘onboarding’

4. Customer centric business practice

5. Loyalty marketing

6. Pricing

7. Customer service and management

8. Senior executive coaching on the recurring revenue model

9. Financial modelling and budgeting

10. Supplier and sourcing management